When Your Garage Door Slams Closed, And Other Reasons It's Time For A Repair

You probably don't think much about your garage door until it doesn't work. Once you've tried pressing the remote control button several hundred times, it's time to get practical about understanding why your garage door isn't working. From a bent track to a loss of power, a quick look at your garage door will help you narrow down what the issue is. If your door is open and suddenly slams close, you have a problem with the springs holding your door open. When you are left out in the cold because you can't get your garage door open, check for some of the simple problems first.

Easy Fixes When Your Garage Door Won't Open

Check the main power to your garage door opener. Sometimes the circuit will trip, so the opener has no power. Look at the remote you are using and make sure the batteries aren't dead. If you have power, look for any debris in the track on both sides of the garage door. Check to see that the two sensors that face one another eighteen inches from the ground can send a clear signal to one another. Make sure your spouse didn't manually lock the garage door. If your problem is still not resolved, it's time to call for a garage door repair.

Your Garage Door Cable Snapped

Without a cable, your garage door can't open and close. If your garage door is wide open and suddenly slams closed, this indicates a problem with the springs or cable. Both help hold the garage door in the open position. When the door shuts without warning, something has broken to allow the door to close. This can be dangerous, as the door can hit your car or a person walking through the garage door.

When Your Garage Door Struggles to Open or Close

A problem with the garage door track is usually to blame when the garage door struggles to open or close. Any small bend or obstruction in the track can make it difficult for the wheels of the garage door to navigate. As soon as the door hits the troubled area, the door starts to open or close once again. Look for loose brackets along the track to see if you can find the problem.

Your garage door requires solid maintenance in order to work properly. When you are experiencing problems, it's time to call in a repair technician who can fix the problem for you. For more information, contact local professionals like Crawford Door Company.