Adjusting the Tension in Your Garage-Door Springs

Having access to an automatic garage door makes using your garage space much more convenient. These types of doors rely on a series of springs in order to maintain proper functionality. When the tension in a garage-door spring is off, the door could close suddenly. To avoid allowing your garage door to turn into a deadly weapon, you should keep the tension in your garage-door springs properly adjusted at all times.

Here are three tips you can use when adjusting the tension in your garage door springs in the future.

1. Maintain tension on the cable at all times.

Although you will need to reduce the amount of tension produced by the garage-door springs while you make adjustments, it's important that you keep the cable responsible for linking the door springs to the actual door taut at all times.

Allowing the cable to go slack could result in your garage door being unable to open and close properly in the future. Maintaining tension on the cable is fairly easy if you have access to the right tools. Use a pair of clamping locking pliers to hold the cable on either side of the garage door in place while you work.

2. Create a reference point to gauge tension adjustments.

Because you will need to adjust each garage-door spring equally, it's important that you establish some type of visual reference point to measure your adjustments. Some door springs come with a line scored into the surface of the springs, but you can just as easily draw a line on the springs with chalk if no permanent line is visible.

Count the number of times the line passes a fixed point as you turn your garage-door spring, then replicate the same number of turns on the opposite spring to keep the tension on either side of your garage door equal.

3. Only use winding bars.

While you might be tempted to use a screwdriver or other long tool to wind your garage-door springs, it's important to recognize that these tools are not equipped for the job. Only a winding bar designed specifically for use in adjusting the tension of a garage door can withstand the pressure placed upon it during the winding process.

Be sure that you have access to a winding bar before attempting to adjust the tension in your garage-door springs.

Safety should always be your primary concern when working on your garage door. Maintaining tension in the cables, turning each spring equally, and using a winding bar are each tips that can help you safely adjust the tension of your garage-door springs in the future.