Reasons Your Business Needs Automatic Doors

When you own a business, making it easily accessible during open hours is the most important thing you can do. One way to make your small business easily accessible is by having automatic glass doors. Automatic doors have many benefits for a small business. Here are some of the benefits that you need to know about.

Family Friendly

The first benefit of having sliding glass doors is that they're family friendly. When you go into a business with kids in tow and a baby in your arms, it's difficult to hold heavy doors open while everyone piles through. A mother with five kids might see someone struggling to get through the door in front of her and completely pass up the business to avoid the hassle. It's important to make the business convenient for families since most people don't go shopping or run errands without their children.

Disability Access

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, small businesses are required to make their businesses accessible for people with disabilities. There are stipulations on maximum counter height, barriers, and other aspects of the business. Automatic doors also make the business disability-friendly, since people with wheelchairs and walking aids cannot easily pull open heavy doors while trying to get their equipment through.

Shopping Ease

After a big shopping trip, you're usually carrying big bags in both hands, making it nearly impossible to do anything else. Trying to open a door with large bags isn't an easy feat. If you don't have automatic doors, customers who have already been walking around shopping are probably going to pass you right up if their hands are full. If they go in empty-handed but have to leave with arms full of large bags, they're going to remember the struggle of getting out of your store the next time around. You don't want to lose customers because getting in or out of your establishment is too difficult after a big shopping day.

Inviting Customers

Automatic doors are simply inviting. When a customer is walking down the sidewalk and a door opens to the side of them, they might look over and think, "That looks like a cool store." The door is open, so they head inside and  see what it's all about. The door opening before they have even decided to go inside might be the deciding factor for them. Therefore, the simple act of installing automatic doors could seriously boost the amount of customers you have. It only takes one influential customer to walk inside those open doors and blog or tell all of their friends about the little gem of a store that they discovered while out shopping.

Tougher Security

One misconception with automatic doors is that they aren't as secure. You might think that they can malfunction and open for an intruder, or that glass doors, in general, are a bad idea. The fact of the matter is that they are actually much more secure than manual doors. This is because the mechanics that allow the doors to open automatically can also lock and keep anyone from being able to enter. The glass is also made thicker and shatterproof, unlike other manual doors.

As you can see, automatic sliding glass doors offer a lot of benefits. Not only are they more convenient for people with disability and full hands, they make your building secure and beautiful. Make sure you install automatic glass doors in your business. Contact a company like Beyers Window & Door Inc for more info.